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Frequently Asked Questions 

What makes BPW different than other billing services?


We're not a medical billing service. BPW is a full service revenue cycle management company. Our professionals not only bill professional and institutional claims but we negotiate payer contracts and rates. We're experienced in all aspects of healthcare account receivables including coding, collections and appeals. Practice management solutions are our expertise and we're here to maximize your practice revenue.

Why should I purchase the Collections guide?


I wrote the collections guide after spending 5 years at a health plan and answering the same questions from providers day in and day out. Most practices are struggling with the same issues; inconsistent processes and inexperienced staff. I envision the guide being a resource to small practices who need affordable help. The guide provides you with tips to get your appeal acknowledged and addressed and steps to make sure your claims are paid timely and correctly.

Why should I outsource my medical billing?


Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to look at your account receivables and offer solutions to increase revenue. Let's face it, staff turnover is high in medical practices. When the staff quits, they can leave unresolved claims and take their knowledge and processes with them.  Our company doesn't quit on you. We resolve claims, teach you our processes and keep you abreast of payer updates.

How much do you charge?


That is the question on most provider’s minds when services are involved. We get it! The services and the costs have to be worth the risk of entrusting your A/R to an outside team. We are affordable and can provide rates after a confidentiality agreement is signed just stating that you will not discuss or disclose our rates to competitors. We are not salespeople, so if you decide the price is not right, we wish you well. No arm twisting or sales pitches required.

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